AMD Firepro marketing gets a little… heated

AMD has stepped up their Firepro marketing and taken a pretty direct shot at their competition in a new video released today, entitled “Good Idea, Bad Idea”.

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Bandrik2577d ago

It's tacky, it's cheesy, and it is all totally excused by the fact that it follows the Animaniacs "Good idea, Bad idea" segment format. Yes, it does feel like a local corner office supply store or used car lot TV commercial, but I still grinned the whole way through. The "burning up computer" special effects were also a little cheesy, but still fun.

Fortunately for AMD, they can actually back up all of these claims. If I were in the market for a professional workstation card, I would go with AMD as it's less expensive, does use less power (and again, less expensive), and Eyefinity really does kick ass.