How Much RAM Do You Really Need?

DesktopReview writes:

"Over the years, processor speed isn’t the only thing that’s risen as transistors have shrunk. So, too, has the average amount of memory in mainstream computers. We’ve come a long way from the days when gamers struggled to run Doom in DOS with 4 megs of RAM - but how much do you really need?"

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SactoGamer2579d ago

All I know is I'm running 4GB DDR2 and I max it out whenever I game.

Sahil2578d ago

4GB is nothing these days with the kind of gaming and specially online gaming.

fatstarr2578d ago

if thats one thing i noticed is that everyone's comps can handle the games ie with a low level 200 series card and a dual core but what we have been missing all these years is the ram i always had the belief that 4gigs is enough but now the games are putting such a strain on our systems that we need more. i wish i wasn't on 32bit so i could just pop out my ram and go for the max my board could handle.

SactoGamer2578d ago

I'm with you, fatstarr. I'm running 32bit.

zag2578d ago

Um, Your probably not maxing out system ram but the GFX card ram.

Win7 Aero Glass, uses you GFX card ram to show the OS, so when you have a web browser with flash plus open up a game sometimes the game won't start up at all.

Simply because all the GFX card ram is used up on the OS and the web browser.

it catches out heaps of people, they buy heaps of system ram and always find it doesn't fix anything, as the GFX card will only have 1gig of ram.

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toaster2578d ago

I used to have 4GB of DDR2 800, but on this current machine I only have 2GB. When I upgrade, it's 8GB of DDR3 1600 or more. This is a lot for the average gamer and user, but I do a lot more than game on my machine. Encoding audio files, editing large images, running many multiple programs at once, just things that require 8GB. I edit music and photos often, and right now on my system it's a chore.

fatstarr2578d ago

i think you should go for more than 8gb because you are gonna hit that ceiling

watching netflix in chrome
having firefox open and
a music player and word take up a gig on my system.

i cant wait till i get all my new ram im gonna have so much fun.

duplissi2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

really? just idle my system eats up around 1.5gb and with chrome, steam and zune running it hovers around 2.3gb

fatstarr2578d ago

Haha see my computer I cut out all that crap, I disabled zune and steam to start only when I need it same with msn and skype and all those other programs. Ive learned how to adapt with my 4gigs of memory but soon its gonna hit the fan, I have my page files set to crazy high numbers. Try to cut the crap from starting on your system when you don’t need it and you will see how much memory you will save

just_looken2578d ago

32bit vista user here i use 3gb ddr3 the max 32 bit allows when i game my os use's 512mb with steam running and playing ruse it goes as high as 2.7gb.

ChickeyCantor2578d ago

"i think you should go for more than 8gb because you are gonna hit that ceiling "

Never reached my total of 8 gigs.

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Aussiegamer2578d ago

Im currently got 12gb DDR3 1600 RAM. I always make sure I have more then enough, always pisses me off waiting for stuff.

Sahil2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

12GB.. that is massive and yes, if you are still waiting, then you have every right to get pissed :D

just_looken2578d ago

Sob 12gb man that's awesome you must have a nice rig.

bumnut2578d ago

I have 12 gig too, I bought 6 when I built my pc but ram is very cheap at the moment so I got another 6. I figured its going to get more expensive when 1366 is phased out.

walkinghome62578d ago

Not to one up you, but I have 14GBs in my Mac Pro. I figured I'd brag some.

_Q_2578d ago

Everyone else is and you get the disagree lol Nice. You ALL are RAM whores. lol

Aussiegamer2578d ago

@_q_ the reason he got disagrees is because that if he really means the macbook pro then he is talking bullshit. They only take 8gb Ram. Maybe he means he has an imac im not sure, but I would recommend going back and checking your specs, Also 14gb is a strange number to have, because most people would run 16gb so 4 x 4gb sticks or 12gb 6 x 2gb sticks. And OF course the lower GB amount which would be 6gb so run it tripple channel 3 x 2gb or 4gb run 2 x 2gb.

SO their ya go, 14gb is a strange number to run for any computer, plus hes talking shit if hes running it in a mac pro. So Maybe if ya wanna brag make your lie believable atleast, or maybe I have read your post wrong, which I dont think I have.

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Sahil2578d ago

Hmmm... 8-10GB when i'm on gaming mode!

fatstarr2578d ago

I used to believe that 4gb was all that you needed but that was thinking from 2007/8 when 32 bit was all the rage. my firefox uses 500mb of memory to run its crazy but thats what it does and i multi task games and music players and explorer.exe crashes i say the more the better.

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