Examiner: Review - RCA DMT270R 7-inch Hybrid Handheld Digital TV

Consumers will remember a time in the 90s when handheld TVs were all the rage. They could be found at any major retail store and were usually in pretty high demand.

However, as digital TV became the norm, these handheld options slowly began to fade away. Luckily, consumers are getting back on track with new versions including RCA which has just dished out a handful of handheld TVs that can handle both digital TV signals and even the newer Mobile DTV.

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fatstarr2519d ago

ahh this is pretty good, it reminds me exactly of the tvs from the 90s. i might have to put down and get one you can never have too many gadgets

Sahil2519d ago

my friend bought one of these for his kitchen and was really pleased about it. The picture quality is unbelievably good for such a small unit. It has both analogue and freeview tuner, but he only use the freeview function.

fatstarr2519d ago

i wanna use this to make mods out of things. this is such a nice little screen for 180 and its bound to drop in price.

Sahil2519d ago

yeah, you could see a drop in price if there is a huge drop in demand, time will tell :)

fatstarr2519d ago

i want there to be a drop in demand cause there really isnt one for this product. how many people really need this, none so that means price drops by xmas.

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