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Apple offers free bottom case replacement for white MacBooks

Ars Technica: "Apple has a new program to help unibody white MacBook owners with problematic bottom plates. The MacBook Bottom Case Replacement Program does just want it says—gets the user a replacement bottom cover if the soft rubber coating separates from the aluminum plate."

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Sahil2546d ago

Be sure to get your MacBook fixed as quickly as possible. If the rubber slips off your MacBook, it could get your other computers pregnant, or catch Apple STDs!

fatstarr2546d ago

thats pretty nice of apple to go through that, even though i hate em they have that one area of customer service where they excell above everyone else.

Aussiegamer2545d ago

Yeah it goes like this, well bend you over and **ck you up the arse with price and power, but hey well give you a lolly pop at the end of it.