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fatstarr2515d ago

its a shame this is gonna get mushed in with the e3 news. still shame on them for the date.

fatstarr2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

tech spy should get a e3 Chanel to draw in some traffic because im sure lots of tech news will be announced like the hdmi wires and such.

fatstarr2515d ago

hopefully the site admin can do something about it id like to talk with you guys over some of my n4g rivals.

Sahil2515d ago

Don't count on it. iOS5 is a definite no. iCloud, maybe.

fatstarr2515d ago

lol i bet man, next week all you will see is e3 this and e3 that. i will take a break from techspy and n4g will be my temporary home again.