Guru3D: MSI GeForce GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme edition review

Guru3D: When we tested the GeForce GTX 580 Lightning from MSI roughly a month ago, we stated that the product might become product of the year, it really is that good. But little did I know about an Xtreme edition that MSI still had in the works.

Yep, Computex 2011 (tradeshow) is here and MSI wanted to make the best even better and slightly more appealing for the true aficionado.

Well in short, the most impressive GTX 580 on the market got a little more impressive.

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fatstarr2515d ago

What an extremely good review, 22 pages is nice, this site and tomshardware know how to do it big them 3d mark scores show just how much of a monster the 6990 is. they got work to do if they want to get the top slot.

Sahil2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Two of these on a multi-GPU configuration on SLI using different PCI-E Ports and the SLI bridge for Dual GPU rendering should be awesome, Did I say SLI??

fatstarr2515d ago

i dont think it would be that good in sli the power consumption would be through the roof. but none the less 2 of anything cant be bad right?