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ASUS MARS II Graphics Card Pictured

The Republic of Gamers MARS II is a new custom dual-GF110 based graphics card in the works at ASUS. Here are some of its first pictures, revealing a monstrosity that's about as long as a Radeon HD 5970, a couple of inches higher, and three slots thick. Its cooler sticks to the black+red color scheme in use with ASUS ROG products for a while now, and uses an intricate cutout design.

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KingLizzle2517d ago

That is one beast of a graphics card! Just how many PCI slots do manufacturers think we have free these days? One for the hardest of the hardcore I think.

fatstarr2516d ago

3 pci slots and just as long as the 5970 what are they thinking, thats crazy i cant wait to see the benchmarks that come out of this thing. you need a real full tower for this one.

Sahil2516d ago

I found this picture in the comments..LOL

fatstarr2516d ago

lol i saw that picture too i was like dam thats racist but at the same time it fit. this card is gonna e so dam good.