Corsair Launches Carbide Series Computer Cases

You know something big is going down when you have nothing but news announcements from all the major computer component manufacturers. That's right folks, its time for Computex once again and today we have the launch of a new series of cases from Corsair. The Carbide Series joins Corsair's venerable lineup of premium cases by offering the same builder-friendly design as the Obsidian Series and Graphite Series.

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KingLizzle2550d ago

To be honest I think these look rather ugly, especially will the grill/mesh panels down the front. I use the Obsidian 800D which is much better imo - sleek and functional. I'm very surprised these new models don't have the hot-swappable front-access hard drive bays - they come in really handy on the Obsidian.

toaster2550d ago

Yeah I agree. This and the 600T are Corsair's ugliest products. I heard the 800D has piss poor airflow. If I get a case from them I'd get a 650D.

KingLizzle2550d ago

Airflow on the 800D is great if you have the right fans in the right places. It's very roomy inside and the air circulates well. Plus the PSU is mounted below the main case so you don't get the warm air from that being pumped into the main case.

toaster2550d ago

Well that goes against everything I've read. The 3 tier cooling doesn't actually work and the case is only good if you're water cooling, lol. This isn't just from one person but from many people across different forums. Maybe you just happen to be in a cooler climate?

I love the looks of the 800D and 650D. Usually I try to stay away from flashing lights and LEDs and keep my cases nice and minimalistic. These newer ones definitely aren't in the same style as the Obsidian cases.

KingLizzle2550d ago

To be honest the room my PC is in is usually really toasty. Maybe it's because I haven't cluttered the inside and the H50 CPU cooler may help as it takes all that heat out of the case.

I also prefer a sleeker look. Main reason for 800D was space, cable management and hot swap drive bays. My old tower was jammed full with wires!

fatstarr2550d ago

i like the obsidian cases, and the flashing lights thing annoys me, i will never have another computer with the fancy stuff because going to sleep with vegas in your background flashing and spinning on your rig is no bueno.

Sahil2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Looks like corsair is taking over..

toaster2550d ago

Whatever they do you can guarantee that it will be a superb product! I love Corsair stuff, and if I had my way I'd get all Corsair things. Sadly, most of their newer stuff is not on the Asian market so for now I'll just be a loyal Corsair PSU and RAM customer.