Best SSDs For The Money: May 2011

Tom's Hardware: Welcome to the second installment of our list of top SSDs at at any given price point. This month we see the announcement of several new drives from OCZ, availability of Crucial's m4 lineup (at expected prices), and the emergence of new SF-2200 options.

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fatstarr2549d ago

love these for the money articles from tomshardware very informative and great for putting you back into the technology loop.

Sahil2549d ago

All these superspeeds and super iops are nice, but I wonder when they will start manufacturing affordable SSD's with a good capacity?

I'm thinking in the line of sub $100, for 64GB. If they could only trade off some of the speed, to get the cost down. Just as long as it uses less power than a harddrive, and has higher iops (which would result in faster program and OS boot times), I'd be happy!