ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pro Windows and Android Dual-Boot Oak Trail Tablet Specs

ViewSonic has been showing off an early version of the ViewPad 10Pro tablet for the last few months, but this week at Computex the tablet is getting a more formal introduction. At Computex, the company has officially unveiled the first dual-OS tablet, the ViewPad 10Pro.

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techprezz2579d ago

ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pro currently has no launch date, but BlueStacks has noted that IT will be hitting retail “soon”.

fatstarr2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

this right here is awesome, even though its partly virtiluization over windows 7 it may spread into the smart phone arena. hope more like this spread off and we get some good tablets with pick able operating systems.

heres my idea for a dual boot os phone that i will oneday make. where you have your smart phone its configured to work with windows phone 7 and android, now all the important suff like numbers and names and info to your account are plugged into a homemade os called central space on your smart phone,

then it has an app called chooser, the way you shut down your phone you can choose to have the next boot be either chooser android or windows 7 . theirs a special home button sequence that sends you back to chooser. and it has a mode to run both operating systems called hybrid mode.

when you start the chooser app you can choose to load in android or wp7 , they are specially configured so that when you load it in it sends a call to central space os for all phone related info. text messages calls and gps can be handled by central space os its brilliant and if anyone wants to use my idea just give me credit :D.