Sony Leads Japan Inc. Circling Takeovers With $2.4 Trillion Cash

After hoarding $2.4 trillion in cash, corporate Japan is pursuing overseas takeovers like never before to boost returns. Sony Corp. (6758) and Fujifilm Holdings Corp. (4901) are among the companies with the biggest incentive to chase deals.

Sony has “a lot of cash on their balance sheet to put to work if they wanted to,” Shah said. “They could do multiple deals and it could start becoming exciting for shareholders.”

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Speed-Racer2581d ago

Hmm some bold writing there on the part of bloomberg.

fatstarr2580d ago

yea imo i showed this to my friend earlier when we were chillin, if sony has so much money to put to the side why couldn't they do more about their current problems.

AuToFiRE2581d ago

:O And im trying to convince my grandfather to lend me a couple thousand dollars for stock. this might actually convince him

Sahil2580d ago

well.. sony can acquire my middle finger

Sahil2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Remember this is Sony buying not SCEE/SCEA, so it could be anything :)

fatstarr2580d ago

sony needs to handle whats on their plate and work on their customer relations

Sahil2580d ago

Well.. they are working on it and this news article is about SONY not SCEE/SCEA :)

fatstarr2580d ago

see the topic on value destruction and see that they believe that sony should acquire netflix so that they can work out deals to bring back their lost customer ties but i dont think thats enough they should do something different than just buy netflix and imax.