Snakebyte 3D HDMI Cable Upconverts 2D To 3D Somehow

E3 2011, the world’s largest gaming trade fair, is right around the corner and snakebyte is gearing up to present its DarbeeVision™ technology for HDMI cables, which can turn 2D images into 3D experiences – without glasses or additional equipment.

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fatstarr2552d ago

this is pretty interesting, this wire and the wii hdmi wire are 2 things that i have to look out for next week during all the e3 excitement.

JoeIsMad2551d ago

Yeah, but rather than just looking out for a Wii HDMI cable, you'll want to look at the next-generation Nintendo they will be launching, as it is HD, and it will play your Wii titles :)

fatstarr2551d ago

knowing nintendo it wouldn't be unscaled it would just be like playing your wii and nothing more, but they are going different this e3 and they might actually go for enhancing the graphics because i doubt its hard computers today can emulate the wii so im sure the next iteration with its speculated specs should be able to run wii games nicely. i have my fingers crossed hope its not like gba games on the gamecube or ds games on the 3ds.

JoeIsMad2551d ago

I don't know about that. It's only 30 dollars to get an up-converting DVD player, and if the 25 GB disk storage rumor is to be thought true, that's a Blu-Ray disk, which means the player will automatically up-convert.

Sahil2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Is nintendo going to launch the "next-gen nintendo console" this year?

fatstarr2551d ago

I dont think that nintendo will be launching their next gen console this year, it doesn't fit tradition for them to show full specs of their system and e3 and say launch date is Xmas or q4. it would be smart of nintendo but i think they are gonna want to see what the competition is gonna do.

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Sahil2551d ago

Yeah, i wish i could be there to witness this piece of awesomeness!

Sahil2551d ago

This year's E3 sounds better than everrrrr... FIFA 12, BATTLEFIELD 3.. and now this .. WOW!