iComic-Best comic reader for iPhone

iComic is hands down the best Comic Reader available on iTunes.

One of the main features that attracted us towards buying is the ability to read the manga on the get go without worrying about the internet connection at all. All your favourite manga can be stored to your iPhone and can be accessed anytime you wish.

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shreeveera1822d ago

Definitely suits perfectly for reading all kinds of Comics especially Manga and damn easy to use.

Sahil1820d ago

thanks for the heads up

shreeveera1821d ago

It also features an option to export and import content from Google docs.
Latest version supports all Comic formats.

Speed-Racer1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Please edit your comment the next time you have to make an additional point. Seems you were within the 30 minute window.

fatstarr1820d ago

im still so jealous of this, manga on the go is so fun. shame because id actually buy this app.

geniusgamerdoc1821d ago

I too am using icomic and its really cool.
Every iPhone owner has to buy it.

Sahil1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Hmm.. weird, I read comics and own an iphone and never heard of it O_o

geniusgamerdoc1820d ago

Its really worth purchasing.
It makes reading comic really fun and easy.

Sahil1820d ago

I hope you're not marketing or anything.. LOL

fatstarr1820d ago

if only they had such good ones on android the manga/comic reader i have doesnt work to well.