High precision meets high performance in the new Asus UX Series ultraportable

Innovative industrial design is something of a hallmark for ASUS and it’s particularly evident in its wide range of notebooks. So far we’ve seen models that have been made using bamboo, finished with a funky pink and brown texture and even designed along similar lines to stealth fighter aircraft. At Computex next month, however, ASUS is going to unveil a notebook that’s really special — the UX Series.

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fatstarr2547d ago

that thing is pretty damn beautiful i wonder if its smaller than the macbook air.

Sahil2546d ago

same size but more powerful than the mac-air

Sahil2546d ago

But sadly, nothing beats the look of macbook air.. LOL

fatstarr2546d ago

thats good for asus hopefully more laptops will catch on and start releasing in the same form factor. i dont see why everything else cant be ultra slim now adays.

Sahil2546d ago

If apple upgrades the airs to the ULV Sandy Bridge processors (which many believe is certain) these look like a lot better option...