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Intel X79 - ECS X79R-A sighted at Computex - VR-Zone

ECS is displaying the Black Series X79R-A at their Computex booth. They did not show specifications but all the features of the X79 chipset are quite obvious.

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fatstarr2582d ago

woah that socket is huge, hmm i wanna find out more about this board. im not one for using intel boards because they have some errors with them sometimes.

TABSF2581d ago

Its a non issue, I'm with AMD but Intel has rarely had any issues only major one I can think of Sandybridge chipsets but they have been fixed this with the B3 revision.

toaster2581d ago

They have had major issues before, the Sandy Bridge thing is not their first time.

Sahil2581d ago

Buddy... they did have some major problems before this scenario.

fatstarr2581d ago

i wonder how long the lga2011 socket will even last. this board is starting to look better by the day.

Sahil2581d ago

the B3 revision was quite fruitful for the users :)

fatstarr2581d ago

it should have never been alowed to be shipped with problems like that in the first place but thats the shape of the computer hardware market.

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fatstarr2581d ago

so you are saying its safe to go with this because i might put it in with one of my final stable builds.

Sahil2581d ago

All I want to know is will I still be able to stick my tager in the ESATA port?