Sony confirms development of Playstation 4

Sony has confirmed that work on a "future platform" to follow the PS3 "is already under way".

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fatstarr2523d ago

its about damn time, all im saying is that the industry should thank nintendo for this one because had they not came out with info for their next console Sony wouldn't be developing or even thinking about developing the ps4. i cant wait for e3 just because of nintendo but i know the ps4 wont be around till next years e3.

ASSASSYN 36o2522d ago

Boy please! Sony has been thinking about and developing their next console well before nintendo announced anything. Why they came public was to simply ease playstation fans minds who were concerned that the competition had a head start.

All the, "we aren't even debating development of the ps3" is a two style tactic designed to keep consumers buying ps3's and to keep developers focused on pumping games out. It has no basis in reality that the ps4 has not been well into devolpment. The recent r&d spending jump is simply another stage in the inevitable development process.

For every successful electronic device made the successor is on the drawing board.

Sahil2522d ago

"For every successful electronic device made the successor is on the drawing board."

and that is what keeps us hungry for more!

fatstarr2521d ago

what i was saying was, i know Microsoft and Sony and nintendo were developing their consoles form probably the day the console released but had nintendo not shown off anything about project cafe you think Sony in the middle of the summer would say hay you guys we are developing playstation 4? nope i don't think so those 2 company's Sony and Microsoft were trying to ride this gen to the last drop

Sahil2523d ago

I think its safe to say they will be making the PS4 easier to develop for, like they have done with the NGP by talking to developers to find out what they want.

I hope Nintendo have done the same thing, especially regarding their tool set.

duplissi2522d ago

all im gonna say is that im pretty sure theyve been working on the ps3's successor in one way or another since the ps4 came out. this is common knowledge that console makers do this. all this indicates is that the ps4 is coming soon.

Sahil2522d ago

Yes.. but it looks so early for PS4.. I am very much satisfied with what i've got with PS3 but anyways it's just been announced.. they'll be releasing the console @ christmas time 2012 :)

duplissi2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

well that puts it at 6 years after the ps3 came out which was 6 years after the ps2 which was also 6 years after the ps1.... so yep right on track.

ps1 1994
ps2 2000
ps3 2006
ps4 2012?

edit: now i would be ok if the ps3 was the sole sony console for a few more years, but thats not too say that the prospect of new hardware doesnt excite me - it does very much so (new features, new os, better graphics, etc.)

zero_cool2521d ago

I am quite content with my PS3 & it's offerings there's still years of life left in that box with addition of new services,move & 3d capability so there is no need to jump to PS4 this early.PS4 was in r&d since PS3's design was finalized & launched that's how quick they go into r&d stages of the next console.Also ngp is coming out this holiday season so that a new platform to explore so both gamers & developers are quite content with the current gen for some time still.