Review: OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SSD - VR-Zone

VR-Zone takes the OCZ Vertex 3 240GB for a test drive - and break some SATA speed limits along the way.

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toaster2582d ago

OCZ are really making a name for themselves in the SSD market. I hope the newer Corsair drives will be similar!

fatstarr2582d ago

i cant wait for the price drop in ssd soon, i plan on upgrading 2 maybe 3 drives. the way your os speeds up once you convert to ssd is amazing.

toaster2582d ago

A 60 GB drive would be great. Right ow I'm hearing too many reports of problems regarding SSD longevity, apparently they are still prone to failures. When I upgrade, I probably won't be getting an SSD as a boot drive, but use one for caching similar to what Intel does with Z68.

fatstarr2582d ago

Prone to failures? i thought they lasted longer and failed less than an rpm drive. hmm i might have to rethink my plans i cant have my boot drive failing. imo to be honest i still have the same 80gb boot drive in my computer its been there since um 07 lol i should backup and stuff this summer.