Asus Padfone Fully Exposed

PoketNow - This is the Asus Padfone being introduced tomorrow: a package consisting of an Android smartphone and tablet to dock it with. Dock inside is more appropriate, as the "fone" appears to be fully consumed by the "Pad" when the two are merged.

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Sahil2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

apple is looking at this and saying, 'why didn't we think of that?' it's gonna be interesting to see which carrier is gonna carry this phonpad.

fatstarr2551d ago

thats quite nice, hopefully in the future if this takes off you will be able to buy a generic touch pad add on for your phone to turn it into a padfonelike device. but this has caught my eye something sort of new.

Software_Lover2550d ago

Now if Samsung would make one for the focus, I will not need a new device for a while, LOL. I still have 30gigs of my 40gigs left and I have a butt load of movies and songs on my phone.

I'm guessing windows phone 8 devices will have the ability to integrate into something like this, hopefully atleast.

Sahil2550d ago

don't think samsung would even try this, i doubt it.