Doctors Who Ask Patients To Sign Over Copyright On Any Online Reviews Are Only Harming Themselves

Techdirt: "Over the past few years, we've written about the controversial program from a group called "Medical Justice" to get doctors to force their patients to sign over the copyright on any future reviews they might write on sites like Yelp or RateMyMD. The whole setup is both ethically and legally dubious, and a few weeks back some highly respected law professors, Eric Goldman and Jason Schultz, set up the site to help counter Medical Justice's efforts."

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fatstarr2549d ago

lol isnt this just taking away the patients freedom to talk about the doctors online?

Sahil2548d ago

Doesn't the copyright belong to the site on which they posted anyway? As F'ed up as copyright law is, I'm pretty sure I couldn't sue techspy for displaying my comments or make them pay royalties.