Patent troll Lodsys also threatening Android devs

Two weeks ago, IP holding company Lodsys made waves by targeting small, independent iOS developers in a campaign to claim patent licensing fees for the use of in-app purchasing. That same company is now going after Android developers, citing the same dubious patent claims as the basis for requiring individual developers to pay for licensing of its patent.

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fatstarr2579d ago

aint this everyones dream make some patents and attack everyone that infringes on it to make a lil change on the side. too bad making a patent takes so long and its hard to do.

KingLizzle2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

This sounds similar to the file-sharing racket which was effectively shut down in the UK earlier this year. Buy the rights to some intellectual property and then go around making threats to those alleged to have infringed. Probably little more than a ploy to squeeze cash out of developers who pay up because they're scared of legal action. I'm sure it's no coincidence that the larger developers aren't being targeted.

Sahil2578d ago

That troll picture should be replaced with a picture of a bunch of fat white guys in suits sitting in giant red leather chairs behind mahogany desks, flanked by framed law school diplomas. That, my friends, is the enemy.