Peter Thiel Gives Whiz Kids $100K To Quit College, Start Businesses

It sounds like a reality show pitch: The legendary Facebook investor, PayPal founder, and thorn in the side of college deans everywhere announces what happens when 24 people, picked to live among mentors and innovation experts, stop going to school and start getting real--in business.

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toaster2578d ago

I think this is a great idea. People going out and learning real world experiences would learn a whole lot more than sitting in a room reading ancient books that tell us nothing.

AuToFiRE2578d ago

I agree, i just wish i was so lucky to get a nice grant like that

kaveti66162577d ago

Ancient books that tell you nothing?

Do you know how to read?

fatstarr2575d ago

the only problem i have with that approach is in the end of the day no one gives you credit, everything taught in schools can be learned on the internet but when you go for a job interview and ask for your credentials if you tell them internet you will be laughed at.

Sahil2578d ago

Very interesting project! But only one girl among 24 geniuses? Hard to understand!

AuToFiRE2578d ago

because women belong in the kitchen

Aussiegamer2577d ago

You just made my day dude, ROLFlol at work.

Sahil2575d ago

no man.. seriously 1 out of 24.. that is like sooo low

Speed-Racer2578d ago

I wish I had 100,000 bucks...then I could improve my blog without having to cheat at work to write xD

fatstarr2577d ago

its an interesting idea but the world needs college i just noticed that it is everything that he says but its a place to hold you and train you for the real world and to prevent millions of people just instantly looking for a job right out of hs.

Jihaad_cpt2577d ago

most really important things need college or people who went to college

Enate2576d ago

There is a lot of fluff thrown in there though. If college would cut out all the bs courses people would get out a lot faster. An not have to spend so much money but that's not what colleges want.

fatstarr2575d ago

the most important part of my college life was social interaction, for get the studies and all that the interaction that i got from going to parties and all that tv stuff that's what i gained out of it.

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