Examiner: Review - Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad

Logitech has gotten into the tablet accessories market with the Tablet Keyboard for iPad. The wireless keyboard uses Bluetooth technology and comes with a carrying case that doubles as a stand.

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Sahil2576d ago

i use Zaggmate for my iPad which looks like apple keyboard and is cheap too, so WIN WIN!!

fatstarr2576d ago

why cant they have one of these for my phone, everythings for apple -_-. i would buy this and pull out the keyboard like the hacker in live free or die hard.

Sahil2576d ago

Well.. you can get one for your phone, there are tons of keyboard on amazon and ebay to choose rom.

fatstarr2576d ago

I dont see any keyboards for the samsung galaxy, tons for the tab and other devices but none for my phone.

Sahil2576d ago

lol.. i thought you had iphone or htc or somehting..

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