Still no iPad Facebook App

The iPhone Facebook Application is perhaps the most downloaded app in the store, along with their iPod app for devices such as the iPod Touch.

The strange thing is, no official release has come out for the iPad. This is not such a big problem for Facebook, as there are hundreds of different, popular third party applications that allow the use of Facebook and other social networking websites such as Twitter etc available for the iPad users to take advantage of.

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fatstarr2553d ago

shame on them that should have been a first. ipads and facebook are super popular kinda strange that there isnt one yet. after all these years

searchbuzz2552d ago

The iPod app works, as mentioned in the article. Apparently they can't seem to update the resolution, afterall its the only thing they need to do to make it fit better on the iPad device.

fatstarr2552d ago

there should be no reason for that. how can it bee to fix the resolution on the app? 10 programmers 2 hours should do.

Sahil2553d ago

I don't think there's any need for it.. just use safari!

searchbuzz2552d ago

This is true, but an app makes it easier to communicate and stay up to date in real time, along with taking up less bandwidth as full webpages are not being loaded. This is a big plus when people have download limits on their mobile usage, which a lot of contracts enforce.

Sahil2551d ago

Yeah, agree somewhere there is a need but WTH.. what can we do about it!