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Top 10 ways iOS outdoes Android

Lifehacker at MSNBC writes:
We love both mobile operating systems and their corresponding devices, but just like Android has its many advantages so does iOS. Here are our favorite parts of iOS that outdo their Android counterparts.

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fatstarr2555d ago

10 app store on android can connect over wifi and who buys things almost everything on android can be done for free or gotten for free.

9 o.o must be an apple thing
8 you can do similar on android
7 apple support is some of the best cant argue there
6 i get variable rates out of my android depending on location. now i get about 17 hours out of my battery
5 itunes is utter garbage and there are apps and programs that can do what it does.
4 just makes false sense of security and makes everyone think that every app is made by an angel.
3 android apps are cooler
2 android is quite easy to figure out to use inefficiently to find the hidden gems and all the goodies (which apple doesnt offer on iphones) it takes time and testing, i actually used the first iphone when it just came out and i hated it, wasnt appealing at all when i looked for the deep settings.

1 eh you got android with this one, but hey there is always nightly builds for rooted users?

toaster2555d ago

For mobile, I'd say Android is much better than iOS. When I got my iPod Touch I was used to fooling around with Android features that weren't present on iOS, so I jailbroke my iPod. It's still not as hardcore customizable as my Milestone but it gets the job done. A walled garden makes for a tidier ecosystem though, and of course there will be junk apps that slip past Apple. Most of those go unnoticed though, only the best make it to the top.

TheEatingChampagne2555d ago

LOL at this crap article..
He's saying bullshit and then write "on a personal note i don't really like that blabla but obviously it's better".. LOL

Speed-Racer2555d ago

What do you expect from a Lifehacker/Gawker writer ? lolol

Sahil2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Interesting that some of the 'bad' (IMHO) points of iOS are touted as strengths in this article. Lack of true multitasking, the fact that 5 year olds can use it (meaning it becomes boring and restrictive to adults), sameness of the experience (i had and iphone silverback, 3, and used 4 and the user experience is the same - boring for me). Lack of crapware? How else would you describe the unremovable - and unhidable - youtube?

I have tried them all, and so far I like Windows Phone 7 best, but sadly for Microsoft, they are not seen as 'cool'.

KingPin2554d ago

hmmm, funny article this.

guess he doesnt send files over bluetooth. oh wait, you cant with an iphone <unless u get a third party app> but seriously, a feature like that left out.

guess he also failed to mention that he cant load an mp3 as a ringtone. guess he loves apples standard tunes too much. beats beats beats!!

android can do much much more than iOS. its an open platform. sure, with the head start that apple has they obviously gonna be ahead, but its only a matter of time before android surpasses them.

fatstarr2552d ago

Lol bubbles android stock can do more than ios its like a playground for anything then when you root it it becomes a magical place where you can do things that have never been thought of before.

i think with the rate of you only have iphone 1-4 and vs every carrier with a minimum of 4 android devices they are gonna pass them soon.

Sahil2552d ago

yes but iphone is all about apps, so there is no harm in using a third app but i do wish sometimes that they shud talk to bluetooth people.

fatstarr2552d ago

you should have to use 3rd party apps for things that your phone should be doin from the start. thats the problem ith i phone when you compare it to android.

Sahil2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

one things which bugs me every time is Flash on iphone

Flash is still a big part of the internet. Apple has what, a 3 year head start? They damn well better be better at this point. iTunes has a 100 mile headstart. It's bloated software and runs slower than any other software I use - or should I say use as seldom as possible for my 1 remaining iPod. Having 3 handsets to support makes Apple's life very simple, and that is to their benefit, as the development times are far shorter.

All that together and Android is catching up big time. Apple is scared to death of how quickly Android is being developed, and thank the good lord, as Apple needs real competition. Now I cannot wait to get my hands on a Windows 7 phone, as they look cool as hell and the more integrated they are to Office, the more valuable that they become.

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