US goes on offense against digital piracy

Amid growing calls for more government regulation of the Internet, the United States is conducting what it calls "a sustained law enforcement initiative aimed at counterfeiting and piracy" – an effort that already has resulted in arrests and the seizure of 125 websites.

Ask anybody who uses a computer if they've ever downloaded or streamed media content for free on the Internet, and the answer most likely will be yes. The U.S. government and the American media industry say as much as a quarter of this kind of media traffic violates U.S. copyright law, and both are getting serious in their attempts to turn off the spigot.

But detractors of the crackdown say that the government shouldn’t side with industry and attempt to restrict what flows across the Internet.

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searchbuzz2552d ago

Due to legisliation, it will be a long time before this kicks off and becomes anything useful to cut down on piracy. It's a shame really, as less piracy would mean a whole lot new stuff coming out sooner.

fatstarr2552d ago

I don't think you can have a world with less piracy people are addicted to it and its changed the way media distribution and advertising is handled.

can you elaborate more on " less piracy would mean a whole lot new stuff coming out sooner."

Peaceful_Jelly2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

piracy is not entirely bad. For example, Anime went mainstream outside of Japan thanks to piracy... In this case piracy helped stuff to come out sooner. Piracy is the reason to the Naruto boom in the US and now that series is printing money and we are getting english episodes almost on par with japanese releases and lots of merchandise too. Right now Naruto is the most pirated anime series in the US yet it still is the franchise that sells the most merchandise in the country.

When it comes to videos games the principal thing affecting the industry are the used game sales and not the piracy. A world with no piracy doesn't mean that people will start to buy more stuff, they will simply look for other ways to get it cheaper. And just like with the used video game sales this doesn't mean that things will change for the better...

fatstarr2551d ago

Perfectly summed up. I think a world with out piracy all profits would suddenly drop because people will have to make choices on what to buy and 9 times out of 10 it wont be media but some sort of life necessity. and that's a good point with the naruto thing i kinda forgot about the anime boom that the internet and fansubs have brought the world. if only the same principle applied to videogames we would have lots of tales of games, the last story and some other japan only rpgs.

Enate2551d ago

I agree to a point with the used game sales. Mainly because it is a double edged sword. Yes Gamestop does make great profit on used games but also other things they sell, its not a one trick pony. I know devs want everyone to believe they are losing gawd awful amounts of profit because of gamestop. Though the reality is a lot of games don't get the sales because they suck.

As for the double edged sword the kicker is. That trading in games has allowed tons of people the ability to purchase new games. An I promise you those trade ins are a big part of new game sales. Devs are using this as a scape goat for when games don't sell as well as they thought.

The online pass along with the dlc rape mode some of the devs have entered is hurting the market. I buy said game new hey bro you should check it out on your system while I play something else. Oh wait you can't because you have to pay to play on another system. That or letting a friend borrow a game.

I can't tell you how many times I've traded games with friends in the past. Only to have them go out and buy it so we could play together or just have it themselves. Not to mention killing the rental experience for so many people.

AuToFiRE2552d ago

the only thing is the PROECT IP Act is the same thing as COICA just reworded a bit to make it sound like they are going after pirates

Sahil2551d ago

I don't participate in piracy at all these days, but I can understand why media does get pirated.

The same greedy media companies who claim that piracy takes away jobs are the same soulless bastards that want to charge $30 for a BluRay movie. Hmm, go figger - if they had realistic pricing they could easily sell more product, and have far less worries of piracy and a higher gross revenue to boot. However their current outrageous pricing schemes guarantees that piracy will happen.

They could easily solve their own problem, if only they had a clue.

Software companies finally learned for the most part - for years they never offered cheap student editions, so students who would have been willing to pay for a low priced student edition were forced to pirate the software.

Who does still need to get a clue, however, are companies like EA. They try and release essentially the same exact sports games year after year with minor team roster and uniform updates, and expect to charge full price??? LMAO - never! If they allowed you to patch any version from within the last 3 or 4 years up to the current version for a small fee they would sell an awful lot more product than they do now, as people like me will never again buy Madden or similar games knowing that the software company has zero clue how to keep a customer happy over the LONG TERM.

Enate2551d ago

Funny you mention that update thing. Seems like NBA 2k11 will be updated and they will skip a year. Which is great because I am no sports game fan. Though I heard so much about the game my girlfriend got it for me during black friday. An I have enjoyed it a lot and with this update coming for free I'm more inclined to get the next one.

Sahil2550d ago

enjoy the free update :)

Sahil2549d ago

Not that this isn't an issue, but maybe they should worry first about digital privacy/safety. I'm less worried about the guy downloading South Park than the guy downloading addresses/CC numbers.

fatstarr2549d ago

yea USA will go to put you down for downloading movies, music and games but they wont defend you against all the big companies going for your advertising value stealing your name and personal data again you, wheres our protection as consumers against that.