Apple releases Fix for MacDefender

Thousands of people have been caught out by the rogue software, MacDefender. Luckily, Apple have now released a fix for this annoying software.

The Apple update will allow a user to remove the Rogue MacDefender software from their Mac computer.

The MacDefender software makes out that there are viruses on the computer and the user is suggested to make a purchase. This software has been downloaded by thousands all over the world because the software managed to rank high in search engine results with good use of keywords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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fatstarr2552d ago

its about time but all this did was open up the floodgates for viruses i predict more mac viruses in the future.

searchbuzz2552d ago

They are already working on another one that is not blocked, called Mac Guard, which is mentioned in this article.

fatstarr2552d ago

i read about that one, im talking about fut rue viruses that come from different company's with different bags of tricks.

Sahil2551d ago

Finally, they provide one :)