Vodafone Grows due to Smartphones

Vodafone has reported that they are recieving huge profits due to the growing demand in smartphones still growing. Android devices are growing stronger and stronger and are seeing more of a growth than Apple devices, however Apple is still the highest valued brand. Google Versus Apple continues, but on a completely different level from previous years.

The smartphones are being purchased so much because users are enjoying the ability to use Applications, or better known as Apps on these devices. These can range from games to music streaming services such as Spotify to office writing tools.

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fatstarr2584d ago

why dont they have this company in America? free ps3 for signing up with them there has got to be a catch.

Aussiegamer2582d ago

They have vodaphone in Australia but they suck so they offer deals like that here aswell to get people to sign up.

Sahil2580d ago

same in UK.. those luring deals here too, but nobody cares with O2 around..

fatstarr2580d ago

lol American phone companies should offer those deals man id buy a flip phone if they gave me a cool gift and the contract pricing didnt > more than the gift.

Sahil2580d ago

Vodafone has created a huge market for itself with the help of these ridiculous deals on smartphones

fatstarr2580d ago

vodafone gets the good versions of all the us phones my phone doesn't have a front facing camera but in the uk it does. its totally not fair.

Sahil2580d ago

yeah, when talking about fair.. i think it's not.

fatstarr2580d ago

its all because at the time us networks couldn't handle the bandwidth of video over a network. so they stripped alot of phones of that feature because apple did face time over wifi.