We're So Addicted To Our Phones That We Can't Even Watch TV Without Staring At Them Anymore

A new study conducted by IPG Media Lab and ad platform YuMe takes a look at the media consumption habits of 48 TV watchers from the Los Angeles area – a small sample, for sure – but it could give us a glimpse of our potential futures.

The findings demonstrate that 60% of the TV watchers toyed with their cell phones while in front of the tube, though it isn't indicated what type of phones were actually used. Another 33% sat in front of the TV with their laptops flipped open, while 12% utilized the time to “do work.”

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searchbuzz2582d ago

It depends on the program. If I am really into it, and it is entertaining me, then I won't even think about my phone. If it is not so good, maybe I am getting bored and this is why I am reaching for my mobile.

no_more_heroes2582d ago

80% of people that I've seen in any building/public space that I've been to recently, especially airports, are people completely taken by their smartphones.

Sahil2582d ago

I'm not.. i watch football all the time and without looking at my phone for even once :D

fatstarr2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

this article is really in depth it took me a while to read it all. smart phones are the next revolution in humanity. i my self have my phone by my side in-case i need to update a status or tweet something as it happens. the only time i dont look at my phone while watching tv is if im watching subbed anime im not on that level yet.

this has big potential to get the attention of the world and it may change the way things are done in terms of advertising and media.