Ask Maximum PC: Which Videocard Should I Buy?

Loyd Case of MPC: It’s really the question I dread the most. Possibly because it gets asked the most - via Twitter, through email and in online forums, everyone wants to know: “What graphics card should I buy?”

This question is often unaccompanied by any additional information, like system specs, what apps are being run and how much money is in the budget, which makes finding an answer rather complicated.

So today we’ll be walking through the process of answering that age old essential question: what graphics card should you buy? To answer that question, we first need to answer some other questions.

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fatstarr2556d ago

what a great article. stickied for reference at a later date.

i told my self i wasn't gonna upgrade from my 260 until it was time to build a new computer. that day is coming soon once the next gen of consoles come out seems like a good date.

toaster2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

I'll need to upgrade soon as well. Right now I'm on an Athlon 64 X2 and 9800GT for gaming!

As soon as Intel's Socket 2011 and Bulldozer come out, I'll see who has the better bang for buck and then get the parts.

fatstarr2553d ago

yea man what are you thinking about upgrading to for your graphics card, 9800gt is lovely but dated. it was one of my favorite cards way back.

toaster2553d ago

It will probably be some time around Q4 2011, but I'm thinking of getting a 570, or depending on my budget a 3GB 580. I'll definitely be upgrading my system this year though, but will probably buy the GPU last. My fingers are crossed for Bulldozer. If that doesn't live up to AMD's hype then LGA 2011 it will be.

fatstarr2552d ago

im in the same boat as you, but im stuck on 32 bit windows on my main computer and 64 bit on my side ones.

i think once i back up im going to do an overhaul im goin for dual graphics cards just cause, 8 gigs of ram and one of the new processors the lga2011 is hyped alot so i might get one of them, amd is nice but i dont think i could buy one for a main rig.

toaster2552d ago

I've had dual graphics before with my Q6600 and SLI 9800GTX system before I sold it. Right now, I would rather just get the best single card I can get so I don't have to worry about extra drivers, waiting for driver updates for new releases, etc.. there is quite the performance boost if going multi GPU but personally I just don't want to deal with the excess heat and power consumption that comes with that performance gain. I live in a tropical climate too, so ambient room temp is ~25C all year around.

fatstarr2552d ago

I used to have a hot room with all my equipment running with no ac that wasn't smart of me at all. i really want a tri monitor/tv setup 2 21 inch monitors next to each other and then my computer set up to my hdtv for movies and stuff its a shame you cant do it all of of 1 card.