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Liquid-Cooled Tron Lightcycle Mod Looks Amazing

Tom's Hardware: "On our very own Tom's Hardware forums, modder Brian Carter has created a PC resembling the awesomely-cool TRON lightcycle, The end-product is stunning to say the least, sporting the iconic blue striped lighting flushed against a reflective black finish. The mod isn't 100-percent identical on purpose, but TRON fans shouldn't care too much as it will still turn heads at any PC mod or nerdy sci-fi convention."

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Sahil2517d ago

It sure looks amazing... very TRON-ized!

fatstarr2517d ago when you look at the forum link you see just how much this guy put into this cool case. ive always wanted to mod somethin like this but it takes way too much time and tools that i dont have.

Sahil2517d ago

WOW.. this would sound weird, but where did he find those parts and where's this idea come from, that is amzing!

fatstarr2517d ago

Ive done this on small scale you need fiber glass, plastics, things to build molds out of and that nice spray foam thing worked for me. you have to have a well thought out idea for how your gonna go about things. all you need is the idea which is to make a tron cycle then you draw it out and let your imagination fly.

Sahil2517d ago

haha.. we have an example in front of our eyes :)

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