Will You Trust Google Wallet?

Cody from writes:

"While I’d love to say that I would trust Google I just can’t say that I can. To start out I want to point out the PlayStation Network hack that compromised the information of 70 million+ PSN members. I for one never thought that an online gaming network for the consoles would be hacked, mainly because those networks are a little more offs the grid than normal websites. It’s easy to get the IP address of Google’s servers; it shouldn’t be so easy to get access to servers that aren’t accessible in the form of a webpage."

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Speed-Racer2581d ago

A bit late to ask that considering they pretty much know everything else about use via their search engine and other services.

fatstarr2578d ago

even so i still dont let google have anything to do with my finances.

only let a select few sites use my card and thats it, for other things i use the store bought prepaid cards, i blame that on paranoia

Sahil2580d ago

Google offering its Wallet, a service that will contain all your personal info; track all of your purchases, which tracking will be sent to advertiser; have your payment accounts; and which may be required to be open-sourced under the GPL, not that Google pays any heed to the GPL. What could go wrong?

Sahil2579d ago

let's give them a chance!!

bwazy2580d ago

Oh comon people. Due to google chrome alone,I'm sure Google already has access to your personal information. At this point theres little to no difference.

Sahil2579d ago

Yeah.. true but tracking purchases n all outside the online world.

bwazy2579d ago

Whats the diffence between Visa and Google?