MSI's GTX 580 Lightning XE breaks cover

MSI will have a wide variety of products at this year's Computex show but as far as GPU are concerned MSI new N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition will certainly be the star of the show. MSI's newest Lightning member will be the cream of the crop when it comes to graphics cards and will have some quite unique features including the triple temperature monitors, new fans with Smart Temp Sensor for the quite well known Twin Frozr III cooler and a decent factory overclock.

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fatstarr2520d ago

ive never been known to like msi products. the few i ever used broke on me but this 580gtx is looking kinda nice as a card. i might consider picking one up from evga in the future.

toaster2520d ago

I love MSI. Their cooler designs are really great, and keeping my 9800GT frosty. This card has some nice fans too, they change color depending on heat. Blue is cold and as the GPU gets hotter the fans turn white with a red LCD to show that it's hot.

fatstarr2520d ago

you know how it is theirs certain brands that you mess with for me its evga, gigabyte, asus and pny. i might buy a msi board but im really scared. but that fan thing is really cool