YouTube Adds Stereoscopic 3D Video Support (And 3D Vision Support, Too)

For those of you with a 3D TV or a 3D Vision kit, this will likely be of interest to you.

Today Google will be officially activating stereoscopic 3D video support on YouTube. Google has been experimenting with stereoscopic 3D support as early as 2 years ago, but the feature never left the dark depths of alpha testing. Since then Google has worked out the kinks in the system, and along with some new features in HTML5 is formally launching it today.

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searchbuzz2556d ago

About time this happened!

Sahil2553d ago

Are they going to start supporting video streaming during peak times in the afternoon, or just going to continue working on smooth ad streaming while the content I want to actually watch stutters craptastically?

fatstarr2553d ago

its about time, html5 and youtube i smell something about to take off once some of the youtube sheep hearers start using it right.

2553d ago