It shouldn’t be a crime to rip CDs and DVDs

Which? Convo: Last week saw the publication of a long awaited report on the UK’s copyright laws. One of its main recommendations was that the copying of CDs and DVDs for private use should be made legal. Isn’t it about time?

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techie2583d ago

Too right it shouldn't

techie2582d ago

Funnily enough, in the UK it is. The DVD thing is worse though - covered with copy protection

fatstarr2577d ago

I couldn't live in other countries by now i think i would be an international criminal by their laws, with all the computer stuff ive done.

Speakindatruth2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

It's not illegal in the USA to copy DVDs and CDs for yourself. It's only illegal if you pass them on. People want to share what they have, and because people started calling this illegal, disc media is dying to On Demand titles. I can't remember the last time I wanted to spend $20-$30 to watch a 3 hour movie when I can watch it in HD for $5 On Demand, Netflix or Vudu.
Why do you think Blockbuster closed 90% of their stores?

fatstarr2582d ago

disk media will still be alive for years to come. in the dvd sector its pretty much dead but how will software work if you have to download it. there are tons of people with slow internet and no computer skills to download software and burn the iso's to disks or do things like that.

Sahil2577d ago

Yeah, everyone does it..

Sahil2580d ago

Bad enough when we had to buy CDs of our old records and DVDs to replace VHS and now Blurays the same, what a total rip off

fatstarr2577d ago

thats not gonna happen this generation cause, lots of people have their movies and things backed up to a hdd, the only reason to get blue ray to me is for the new movies to see it in hd quality.

Sahil2577d ago

yeah, blue ray is only meant for the hd quality.