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Steps to Take when Choosing a Broadband Package for Gaming

It was not so long ago when most games could be played over a 56k dial-up connection. The only problem was keeping someone from calling so the game didn’t get interrupted. Those days, however, are over. Games, today, require the sharing of huge 3-D worlds with detailed landscapes. The sheer amount of information that must be transferred is enormous.

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Speed-Racer2586d ago

Like we really have much choices right? It's either cable, DSL... or ... oh wait that's it... because Satellite and 56k sucks.

Delt42586d ago

Most ISP's use hybrid systems (fiber to coax or fiber to Copper telephone wire) . No ISP uses a full fiber network. People get confused on this way to often. If your modem doesn't connect to your wall jack with fiber then to your house drop by fiber and so on, then it's not a full fiber network.

Speed-Racer2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

I think Google's Fiber network offers direct fiber to the home, but I am not sure....otherwise coax really screws up gaming potential. Just hope that your network is close to the host server so the ping is low.

Delt42586d ago

Well if it's fiber to the home like FIos then you will still have coax in the house, which is no better than any hybrid system. It will be converted on the side of your house with a mini node. But If the fiber runs to an outlet that would be a BIG step forward. Most company's wont do it now because hardware company's don't support direct fiber yet and most servers outside of closed networks have a throttle on their upload speeds. Usually around 3-7 meg's.

Ping and range of host server is usually only a problem on the old telecom systems. The only reason you should see that on a hybrid system is if your ISP isn't maintaining their system. Average ping time in the US is around 100ms. My ISP is really good i'm usually hitting 9ms and if i ping cross country it ranges to about 34-45ms. Not to shabby!

creamsoda2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

I have a really good broadband but it sucks with gaming. :(

Internet browsing and downloading is fast but in games its just lag lag lag.

Delt42586d ago

You can call your ISP and have them do a "modem health check". If it is your ISP and they see you have an issue they will send someone out to take a look. Usually big company's wont charge to come check it out. they only charge when something needs repairs. I'd call them. It could also be a server or host issue. try to ping the servers and see what your ping time and packet loss are.

creamsoda2586d ago

Thanks for reply, hey yeah I think packet loss is the main problem because I mainly play COD4 and I always get kicked from the servers for packetloss. So far it's only happened to me with Windows 7. When I had Vista or XP my ping was always fine. I will call my ISP though, I pay like $80 a month for my broadband so yeah, I shouldn't be lagging.

Sahil2583d ago

It's either cable or DSL for me but I always suggest DSL to everyone.

fatstarr2582d ago

i think that there are stll people using 56k to play online, lol i have dialup as a secondary connection in case something crazy happens hopefully 1/2 will still work. but nothing beats fiber imo best decision ive made in my life.

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