Microsoft Takes Back CEO's Statements About Windows 8

It has been speculated that Windows 8 were to be launched next yeat. These speculations were based on the release date of the so-called Milestone 3 version of the operating system. Two days ago it seemed clear that Microsoft confirmed this information.

Now a spokesperson for the company claims that it was a slip of the tongue, or a misunderstanding, and that Steve Ballmer really was referring to Windows 7.

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fatstarr2585d ago

i personally think its too early for windows 8 if anything they should just make a patch for 7 to operate like 8. they need to ride this one out like windows xp

toaster2585d ago

Definitely, 8 is much too soon and just as 7 starts to get rolling they say 8 is around the corner.. very disappointing.

Sahil2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Yeah, yeah, yeah... And this time it will really be as easy to use as the Macintosh. We hear the same thing every year or so...