Are Google’s Chromebooks too much, too soon?

Which? Convo: Google’s new Chromebooks – netbook-style laptops based on its Chrome operating system – will go on sale soon. The idea of an online-only netbook is a great idea, but has it all come a bit too soon?

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fatstarr2525d ago

my beef with this is that Google is trying to kill lunux windows and apples os with this device, the device should be 100$-150$ max. you should be able to just put it on computers of your choosing, in the video Google claims that all people do is go on the internet and thats true cept i play video games can chrome os play video games? AND THEN that security issue that's no bueno. Google is biting on the wrong tree with this one if they think they can take on the os market with a web browser.

Sahil2522d ago

“Google says you don’t need antivirus…”. Unless Google is planning to remain as a remain a small player in the market they could regret this statement. Andrew’s heading seems about right.

But Google has provided so much innovation that I wish them luck, even though they are involved in too many ventures for my liking.

fatstarr2520d ago

Yes that’s a really bad statement, Google will regret it if their system goes off and gets successful because just like apple someone will engineer a virus that will take over the system and it will be bad because people will have their info for the taking
And also Google is in way to many avenues of product sometimes its good like for android and then bad when it comes to this chrome book os