Hotmail Accounts Hacked, Emails Stolen

According to the security company Trend Micro, thousands of users of the email service Hotmail recently got their emails stolen because of a bug in the web service.

By sending a specially designed email, hackers could access the selected users private emails. The email that was used contained a special code that caused all email messages stored on the recipient’s Hotmail account to be sent back to the hackers.

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fatstarr2557d ago

this is really quite scary... i dont think im gonna check for a while Microsoft does that stupid auto preview of the mail... -_-

Megaton2557d ago

My dad just shut down his Hotmail yesterday after it was breached for the 3rd time. Seems to be one of the most vulnerable email services out there.

Sahil2556d ago

I have a hotmail account, but it is not my main account. you just can't trust any email account, ever...

Megaton2556d ago

I use Yahoo for spam. I really don't use email for anything other than sign-ups because I've never trusted it.

Speed-Racer2557d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Well good for them. I switched over to Gmail recently after hotmail had their cloud issue. Technically it's jumping from one pot to the other but I trust that google would make a better effort at protecting their systems, plus the interface is so simple and loads much faster than trashy hotmail.

beeeffess2556d ago

Just don't open any fishy emails. It's very smart they've some how managed to put the virus in the actual email rather than a link they provide.

Nevertheless MS have said they have fixed the issue.

After the PSN breach I've been extra paranoid.

fatstarr2555d ago

man i been paranoid on the internet since 2001 i met some bad people in my life time and just seeing what some can do with so little info its crazy.

Captain Tuttle2556d ago

My buddies hotmail got hacked, sent me an e-mail about quitting smoking or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.