Capture Stunning Panoramic Video With Your iPhone

Kogeto is getting ready to release the Dot, a snap-on 360 degree lens for the iPhone 4. The device is lightweight, portable and easy to use. It will ship with an iOS app that “dewarps” the raw image to create an interactive 360 degree video which can be uploaded to the web.

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jabberm2397d ago

This looks really cool. I can see people using and having fun with it.

techniglee2397d ago

Yeah, I can think of lots of places that I'd like to use it.

Sahil2396d ago

That's kinda neat. I take pictures all the time with my iPhone. The price is a little high though. I only paid $200 for my whole iPhone 4, why would I pay $100 for a camera add on?

TVippy2396d ago

Where did you find an Iphone for 200 bucks?

Sahil2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

from ebay, refurbished :)

TVippy2392d ago

Damn, you americans are lucky! =) I'm sure the guy isn't shipping anywhere outside the US.

fatstarr2395d ago

this is realty awesome my only petpeev is that they never release such things on the android platform how much harder is it for them to add it in for that os? its not like they would be loosing money.

it gets irritating when you need to buy something for a phone in a store and all they have is walls and walls of i phone and apple junk.