Apple officially acknowledges Mac Defender malware

Apple has decided to publicly acknowledge the Mac Defender malware that seems to be creeping onto Mac users' computers. The company posted an online support document Tuesday evening that outlines how to identify and get rid of the program, which attempts to trick users into handing over their credit card information.

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jozzah2553d ago

I love when people say macs don't get viruses.

Speed-Racer2553d ago

I think we call them uninformed fanboys.

fatstarr2553d ago

lol i love this article, haha
"one Genius at a large Apple Store said he had seen malware reports in his store go from approximately 0.2 to percent to 5.8 percent in a matter of weeks"

hahah apple doesn't really care yet.

silenius2552d ago

Is there any chance for a big price drop for apple products now that they started to lose the myth of "the untouchable from virus"???

Sahil2552d ago

Apple really needs to remove the option of opening "safe" files. At a minimum it should be turned off by default. I've been turning it off on my macs for nearly a decade now