This Robot Plays Angry Birds… Perfectly

Think you’re good at Angry Birds? It’s time to meet your match. Outfidelity just created a robotic system with a simple purpose: To rule Angry Birds.

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Winkle922554d ago

Maybe they should implement this tech into something that can actually be useful. Like one that wins at those claw grabber games every time.

fatstarr2554d ago

i think its impossible to win at those because the program is rigged, its set to actually deliver actual power to close the claw probably 1 in every 10-50 games.

techniglee2554d ago

The companies robots are used for many other applications. This was just a fun side project:)

hazelamy2554d ago

they control it, and just get it to replicate the moves when they get the best score.
make one that figures out how to beat the levels on it's own and then i'll be very impressed. ^_^

fatstarr2548d ago

thats something some guy at mit would develop. but it shouldn't be that much harder than programming a chess robot or making a robot like wattson from jeopardy.

Sahil2554d ago

Angry birds scoring a free promotion!!

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