Don’t Get Fooled by Rogueware

Anyone who is familiar with using a computer knows that viruses, spyware and malwares are dangerous. There are many possible things that can or will happen if their computer gets infected.

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fatstarr2558d ago

they really need to update that virus for windows7 now. its a dead give away when you arent using windows xp

Sahil2557d ago

I had to remove rogue-ware off one of my roommate’s computer recently. He is not that tech savy and got duped into adding it to the computer. It has become a real drag.

fatstarr2551d ago

this has been gettin really bad over the past few days some one asked me to fix the malware on their macs recently. i laughed during the entire time.

Sahil2551d ago

i didn't have any problem with my mac, thank god!

fatstarr2551d ago

thats because you know how to read links and pop up dialogue they love to switch around the yes no cancel options for malware programs

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