Top electronics for a man-cave "Every dude needs a man-cave and every man-cave needs to be kitted out in the latest electronics. If you don’t have the latest and greatest in technological doodads, none of your friends will want to hang out in your cave of dude-itude. But let’s start with basics, what are some electronic essentials to help you get started on your sanctuary of man."

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toaster2468d ago

I would have chosen a Logitech Harmony remote. They are really great.

fatstarr2467d ago

thats it its really lacking..
my man cave has a surround sound system
2 sub woofers
1 wireless keyboard mouse
2 screens and a 32inch tv
and the list goes on.

Aussiegamer2467d ago

He has a imac in his "man cave" something has gone awfully wrong.

Sahil2461d ago

PS3 would be my ideal choice, can't live without it :)