Sony BMG Greece the latest hacked Sony site

In what seems to be a neverending nightmare it appears that the website of Sony BMG in Greece has been hacked and information dumped.

An anonymous poster has uploaded a user database to, including the usernames, real names and email addresses of users registered on

The data posted appears to be incomplete as it claims to include passwords, telephone numbers and other data that is either missing or bogus.

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Speed-Racer2585d ago

Sony has really lost its credibility getting hit from all sides like that. They will have to come big to recover.

Anarki2583d ago

You're kidding me? you're actually blaming Sony for all of this? wow, people are naive.

Speed-Racer2583d ago

Did you see me blame Sony. Even if they are in the right or wrong, their image and credibility is on the line. Users do not care who is right or wrong, they just want to make sure it works. You might need to brush up on your Marketing 101.

BornCursed2583d ago

Sony has lost credibility. That is a fact. Maybe not their fault, but a fact

Sahil2582d ago

Sony should really do something about this.. or it'll get more serious