Twitter asked to stop users from gossiping, then gets sued

Ars: If you're not based in the UK, you may have no idea what a "super-injunction" is. But if you're a Brit, they're apparently an occasional part of daily life—especially as of late. And now, an anonymous Twitter user is being sued for breaking a super-injunction issued by a British judge, but over who or what? Nobody knows for sure, and it's because of the super-injunction.

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Sahil2550d ago

I guess we can't comment on the topic for risk of becoming a defendant in a super-injunction lawsuit. So... on another topic, the Fed now holds $1.5 billion with a B worth of U.S. treasuries and effectivley funded 140% of issuance and redemption so far this year.

fatstarr2549d ago

this is all nonsense imo im glad i dont live in other parts of the world because i couldn't conform to the rules there. this right here is partly what twitter is all about.

Sahil2548d ago

WTF.. the world is going crazy