How a law firm tested "phantom" AT&T smartphone data use

New attention is being paid to a class action lawsuit against AT&T. The suit claims that the company's billing system records data use up to three times the actual use, including "phantom" charges that occur when the phone is not in use. AT&T says the issue is just a misunderstanding about how data is used and billed.

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BubbleSniper2584d ago

I really hope they nail AT&T. I have always smelled something dirty coming from them. Cause I take my showers.

Sahil2578d ago

Looking forward to hearing more about this. I got dinged by it last month; allegedly I blew right through the first 65% and 90% notification messages, then checked my usage one day only to find that they said I was at 90% of my SECOND block of 200 MB; i.e. they never notified me when I got to the first two notification points. Can't wait to get the bill to see what they say actually happened there.