Apple and Religion share common ground in the minds of some

In a recent BBC documentary entitled Secrets of the Superbrands, host Alex Riley explained how Apple shares a common ground with religion in the minds of many Apple fanatics.

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IllusionRSN2585d ago

Why yes, I think Steve Jobs is a God! hahaha

Speed-Racer2585d ago

Who is Bill Gates then? the Devil? Or should I say Steve Ballmer... lol

f7897902584d ago

Bill Gates is the devil. Everyone knows that.

Steve Jobs is the antichrist. He looks like a savior but he is even worse. People flock to buy his products. You don't see that with Microsoft.

toaster2583d ago

"People flock to buy his products. You don't see that with Microsoft."

You know why? Because it is forced down people's throats. With every purchase of a prebuilt computer/laptop comes the price of the included Windows 7.

nilamo2585d ago

Apple fanboys can be scary.

Tommykrem2585d ago

Apple fanboys are sort of mainstream hipsters. I like Apple, but there's not denying that you are paying a lot more than you would if the same product was made by another company.

Optical_Matrix2585d ago

Theres a book called the Cult of Mac which I actually used as one source of research for an essay I did for university. It's a good read and goes into great detail how Apple and its cult resembles a religious belief and its followers. In fact theres similarities across the board with Steve Jobs and christ. Grasping at straws maybe but its a fun/interesting read.

Speed-Racer2584d ago

In essence the guy is a genius is my opinion for tapping into those marketing resources, focusing on the mind and beliefs rather than just throwing products in people's faces and saying it can do XYZ. I believe he uses words to describe his devices such as "fantasies", "joys", "wonderful" etc rather than saying his has 2GB Ram and a 3Ghz processor. Amazing stuff.

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