Google, Hollywood and the politics of piracy

It was the shot heard round the entertainment world.

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt on Wednesday said his company would not sit quietly by if Washington enacted anti-piracy legislation that forced search engines to police copyright law online — such as stopping illegally streamed movies or sporting events.

If “we disagree with it, then we would still fight it,” Schmidt told reporters in London.

Within hours in Washington, the comment set off a war of words between Hollywood and Silicon Valley over the rise of websites that illegally offer copyrighted movies, TV shows and music — for free. “Google seems to think it’s above America’s laws,” the Motion Picture Association of America charged.

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fatstarr2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

thank god for Google taking a stand, that's quite ridiculous the government cant get anyone to comply so put it onto search engines that's not right. this needs to be a bigger deal. everyone should have a choice to what they want to stick their toes in.

Sahil2522d ago

Google is doing some good things and taking some measures for protecting the roiginality in the world, thats left.