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Why Facebook for Young Children is a Good Idea

Cody of wrote:

"Mark Zuckerberg just loves media controversy and if he doesn’t then he just has bad luck with creating it. This week it’s about bringing children on Facebook. With all the privacy issues Facebook has had in the past it’s understandable that the thought of bringing children into such a large social network could be a recipe for disaster. However if we take some time to think things out this could be an excellent opportunity for children to learn about online safety" ...

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krazykombatant2584d ago

ummm Hell no... Even teenagers to grown ups have trouble with privacy issues with Facebook. Surely a young child shouldn't even be near this.

Young kids need to use their time to enjoy they're youth and innocence riding bikes and playing tag things which you can't do as easily when you grow up.

maddfoxx2583d ago

Facebook is full of phishing scams and viruses. I don't kids would be able to deal with it. Not to mention that this could be a heaven for child predators.

Speed-Racer2583d ago

NO! There was a reason Facebook initially was made for 13 and above. No matter how smart those bundles of angels may be, they are still susceptible to falling for those phishing scams on the net. Clearly the author does not have a younger brother or sister, or is not a parent.

iNFAMOUZ12583d ago

my son wont be using facebook for a long time.

outwar60102583d ago

creepiest thing iv ever heard

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