Dropbox under fire for lying to its customers about security

The popular file cloud sharing service is in a bit of hot water after an official complaint was filed at the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) over concerns of Dropbox actually misleading the public regarding the actual level of security offered versus what they claim to offer.

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RonyDean2595d ago

Well I guess it's time to get those images off my Dropbox...

Speed-Racer2595d ago

Hmmm I guess those Bin Laden location documents I have in my dropbox aren't safe either huh...wait a minute o_o

Megaton2595d ago

I'm glad I only use Dropbox to backup my game saves.

toaster2594d ago

Same here. I have Dropbox sync my Minecraft saves :D

fatstarr2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

why would u ever put anything of high importance on a cloud network in the first place. id never trust any of it. but the fact that some people have all out access to users data is kind of creepy.

KingPin2594d ago

agreed. if any idiot is dumb enough to put confidential or incredibly personal information on a cloud network then he/she deserves to have that data stolen. sometimes stupidness should have a high price to pay.

Speed-Racer2594d ago

With all that being said, they should still account for what they say vs what they do right?

2594d ago
IHateYouFanboys2594d ago

i dont really understand the complaint?

it clearly says in their terms and conditions that SOME employees can access the files IF LEGALLY REQUIRED TO? and honestly, youd expect that - you cant have super secret files stored on someone elses server that cannot be viewed by anyone apart from the owner, that just makes no sense. your personal emails/phone calls/text messages can be viewed by your telco/ISP/etc if they are asked to by a higher power, this is no different.

the only thing that could be of concern is the unsecure transmitting from a mobile device.

i only use dropbox to store funny pictures/gifs, nothing else. why? because if i lost them it wouldnt matter, and if someone DID get access to it the only thing that would happen is theyd have a laugh. nothing personal, nothing sensitive, nothing to worry about.